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Stake your Concordium tokens and earn a yield!

Delegate your tokens to the BitNordic.com node and start earning staking rewards completely hassle-free.
Earn up to 14% APY while retaining custody.

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Baker ID: 1051

How to get started:

  • Download and open the Concordium Wallet.
  • Go to Accounts and select the account you want to delegate tokens from.
  • Click on More options and select Register as a delegator.
  • Select Delegate to pool.
  • Select the BitNordic.com pool with Baker ID: 1051.
  • Enter the amount that you want to delegate and choose whether rewards should be redelegated or not. Click continue.
  • Confirm the transaction with your software wallet or hardware wallet.
  • You can check the transaction is confirmed in the transaction overview.
  • Rewards will now be distributed to you daily.
See a comprehensive guide on how to delegate here


BitNordic is a Danish company that specializes in offering "Staking as a Service". BitNordic supports the Concordium blockchain plus another 10+ networks. BitNordic has been a mainnet baker on the Concordium blockchain since it's inception more than 12 months ago. Stake your assets with peace of mind through BitNordic.

Any Concordium token (CCD) holder can participate. There is no minimum amount of CCD required to start staking with BitNordic. Simply follow the "How to get started" guide above.

There is no minimum amount required to delegate stake to BitNordic. You simply need to have enough CCD left in your disposable balance to cover transaction fees. Please note that all baking pools within the Concordium ecosystem have the same fee of 10% of the staking rewards.

Yes, staking with BitNordic is 100% non-custodial. It means that it does not control or manage your assets in any way.

There is a 14-day cooldown period. This is a period where you cannot change the delegated amount or switch to another baker. Note that this cooldown period is activated when you decrease the delegated amount or stop delegation entirely. After this period has passed the CCD tokens can be withdrawn.

You can go to our web site bitnordic.com or write us directly on info@concordium.dk.

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